Our Mission...

...is to deliver the best and most innovative digital experiences with a focus on the user and business needs. The Kolidar team integrates business minds with design thinking through an interdisciplinary team focused on the client, partners, and customers to ensure growth and profitability and the delivery of sustainable design.

We Value...

Strong and innovative design solutions for interactive interfaces and business strategy.  This is achieved through tailoring methods of research, analysis and development. We value client needs and are determined to achieve the goals set for each project by approaching each environment and business uniquely. The key for us is transparency through the process and collaboration to provide the best solutions.

Our Offering...

Kolidar focuses on offering high quality end to end digital solutions and business strategy. Our key services include,


·       User Research (User Centered Design)

·       Experience Design Solutions

·       Service Design

·       User Interface Development

·       Digital Strategy

·       Value Chain Development

·       Value Chain Implementation